William Hereford: Director – Client: Hestan Outdoor

Smoking hot day (literally and figuratively, 95+ degrees) on-set in the Sonoma Valley.
It was a pleasure to offer hybrid wardrobe styling  (some of theirs, some of ours) while
working under the direction of William Hereford. Produced by Emily Miller Productions.
Props from Alisha Golden and makeup that didn’t melt; Laura Yamasaki.


Mike Sugrue: Director – Client: Visa

“I’ve worked with Teri several times, and each time she brings an incredible level of passion,
positivity and enthusiasm to the shoot. She obviously enjoys her job and collaborating to
raise the bar time and again. She’s an invaluable creative resource and presence on set.
Best, Mike”   Michael Sugrue: Director


Jane Selle Morgan: Director, Studio B Films – Client: Benefit Cosmetics


Carl Brown: Director, Corduroy Media – Client: Aruba


Michael Winokur: Director – Personal Project


William Hereford: Director, Emily Miller Productions – Client: Analon


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