It’s true, it’s all about the details, except when it’s not, sometimes its just about a quantity of STUFF. Filler, and a shit-ton of it. So be it a string of antique pearls, each hand-knotted spacer visible, or a mountain of 90’s computer hardware, I aim to please. Delivery included.


“What else have you got?” Any wardrobe stylist worth their salt loves to answer this question. Why? It begs us to put an unlikely combination together and tests our forethought, (Pack it! Just in case) making it abundantly clear that experience, attention to details like top stitching and nap, really do matter. Chiffon or peau de soie? Thought you'd never ask!

See my work

It's fun to see our creations all over town as well as all over the globe. I've dressed the founders of "GOO..." as space aliens and 128 of their friends in Gangnam Style for a live event. You've seen my work on billboards, annual reports and in videos for The Grateful Dead, Lost at Last, Jackie Greene, Bev Mo' and Visa.

Live Camels?

A long time ago, Jayne taught me to always say "yes". My PHD in search led me to start a resource for other creatives, Yes! I can find it.

Bragging Rights

I don't like to brag, but... I can't help it when people say nice things about me.

"Teri is a fabulous stylist. She is so resourceful and hardworking, with great design sense. She is able to see the forest as well as the trees on the many jobs on which we've worked. Able to leap tall styling jobs at a single bound! I’ve always been grateful to have Teri on my team."

Hunter Freeman: El Presidente For Life at Hunter Freeman

"Teri is simply the most thorough, detailed, well thought out creative problem solver in San Francisco. Her years of making contacts and treating them fairly, allows her to handle her departments tasks seamlessly. Her care for not only the production and the end product, but for the world we live in is unmatched. I'd hire Teri for every shoot I can."

Timothy Shonnard: Producer & Director

"Hmmm! where to start...Teri is one of the most respected Stylists in California, especially here in Northern CA. She is a wealth of knowledge and has the respect of everyone who I know in this industry. Then she invented, a wealth of resources for everyone in the advertising/commercial/fashion/film industry, and she keeps the knowledge base growing..."

Karen Cunningham: Arbonne Regional VP; former art director